Shoulder Pain And Chiropractic Treatment

Shoulder pain is a very common disease. This can have several causes that can be diagnosed and treated by a chiropractor. All arm movements are dependent on a normal movement in the back, neck, shoulder blade, collarbone and shoulders. If the muscle system does not work, this will give irritation that in the long term can cause pain in the neck, back, shoulders and arms.

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The common denominator of the most common pains is acute damage or overloading. Shoulder-position and support muscle plays a particularly important role at all arm movements.

Unilateral posture often causes the arm pain with round or forward curved shoulders. With time it may easily occur with the pain and wear and tear of the tendons and joints.

Muscle pain

This is something that most of us have experienced. If muscle pain occurs for a long time, it will create so-called trigger points in the muscles. The chiropractor is an expert at finding these things and treats them. A distinction is made active and latent trigger points. Active can cause constant pain from muscle while latent causes pain only when pressure, activity or stress.

Acute shoulder injuries

These injuries incurred during falls and collisions. In some sports, such as hockey, every fifth injure has a shoulder injury. Collarbone fracture dominate fall injuries in younger people.

Tendonitis in shoulders

It is the tendons of the largest muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint which is usually inflamed. When some of the tendons are inflamed pain occurs when the muscles used. A bursa that lubricates the movement of the muscles of the shoulder can sometimes become inflamed.

Common Symptoms

  1. Sharp pain in the shoulders when lifting your arms from side to top, especially more than 90 degrees.
  2. Pain during the night, especially if you are on the shoulder.
  3. Pain in the upper right arm below the shoulder and sometimes down in the forearm and hand.
  4. Swollen, hot and sore muscles.

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Chiropractic treatment

The aim of treatment is to reduce pain and restore normal function of the muscle and nervous system. When chiropractor will treat shoulder pain with renal function Thus it can imply that in addition to treating the shoulders also stimulates blood circulation to reduce inflammation in neck, shoulder or collarbone.

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